Start Boosting Conversion Rates By Building Your SMS Marketing Program


Whether you’re messaging 10 or 100,000 people, our mass texting service will scale with you. Our feature-rich software gives you the tools you need to easily communicate with your entire audience.

Organizations of all kinds are using text messaging to communicate with their target audiences. It saves time by creating a simple way to convey a cohesive message to large groups. You can choose to segment those groups to hyper-target people based on certain criteria or simply send a message to the whole group at once.

Over 90% of all Text Messages are read within 5 minutes or less.

DVOL insures that you are in compliance with all legal aspect of bulk text messaging, including text to join and web opt-in forms and standard protocols for opting out of any mass text messaging list is to reply STOP, CANCEL, END, UNSUBSCRIBE or QUIT. 

In addition, we help you establish best practices so you messages are effective. This can include both time and frequencey of use as well as clarity of messages sent.

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